painted my Raskog yellow!

I had planned to paint the IKEA Raskog cart yellow even before purchasing the cart! Its been sitting unassembled, in the box for the past month… just waiting for me to get around to giving it a new look. Why yellow? I do like the popular turquoise colour but does not fit into my bedroom’s colour theme (white + coral/pink) and cream (the original colour of my cart) would look too washed out in my room. I wanted to make this cute and practical cart pop in my room, so Yellow it is! It was scary not know how it will turn out as I’ve trawled the internet trying to see if anyone else has made their yellow and have not come across any.. so thankfully the imagination came to reality pretty well.

Before I continue, a hugeeeee credit to Alfred the boyfriend for doing the tricky part of spray painting it and getting a pretty good finish as well as assembling it. To think I wanted to do it myself all this time! Would’ve turned out terribly blotchy with my (lack-of) spray painting skills.

Apparently Bunnings didn’t have a great selection of colours to choose from, so I ended up getting the spray paints from Repco, on sale for about $2~ from memory, even though the rrp isn’t that much more. It made for a cheap D.I.Y project. 2 cans of spray enamel, did not get a clear coat because I wasn’t after a glossy finish.


As my cart was originally cream, it was easy to work with, not having to worry about the base colour too visible if there were any mistakes. First off, give it a light sand on all parts, Alfred had to build a spraying booth with cardboard in the shed just to get a controlled environment for spraying. We didn’t have anything to hang the parts off, so that would’ve made it much easier to get an even coverage and be able to do it in one go. Still turned out pretty well the way we sprayed it after 2 coats.

Yellow Ikea Raskog, More Photos:


Yellow Ikea Raskog, More Photos:

Partially a not-bothered-to-paint-the-inside of the trays became a feature of the cart I love… the contrast between the original cream colour and the pop of yellow! Wouldn’t have looked as interesting if it was all yellow 😉

Yellow Ikea Raskog, More Photos:

(I also helped with the assembling!)


Now for the finished product…

Yellow Ikea Raskog, More Photos: Ikea Raskog, More Photos: Ikea Raskog, More Photos: Ikea Raskog, More Photos: Ikea Raskog, More Photos:
Yellow Ikea Raskog, More Photos:’s it! Really loving the extra colour I’ve added to my room. Clearly I have yet to load it with all my Project Life and crafting/packaging supplies, need to go shopping for storage stuff now. So will update on the loaded Raskog later on. If you have any must have accessories for the Raskog, please leave a comment below!

Hope this has inspired a potential DIY project over the coming weekends? 😉

Happy Friday!

x Clarissa


  1. Anon says

    I love how it turned out! Did you use painter’s tape to get a clean seam/transition between the original cream and the yellow spray paint? I’m thinking about doing this also, but starting with the gray cart and spray painting the outside red…

    • clarissa says

      we actually winged it and went without the painters tape thinking we were going to paint it ALL YELLOW…then changed our mind, and somewhat lucky it was a decent job just had to clean off some of the overspray,,, but yes painters tape would be ideal :)

  2. Miranda says

    Looks soooo cute! I’m loving the pink lights (i’m guessing they’re lights?) around the mirror… are those still available anywhere? Trying to plan a nursery and those would be PERFECT. :)

  3. says

    I find myself looking at this post regularly because it’s so great. I want to do the same with my cart, but I am wondering how neat the line between the yellow and cream is? Say, if I were to do bright red, it might be less forgiving.

    Great job Clarissa :)


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