weekend brunch; the pig & pastry


I always drive past this corner and strangely enough never realised there was a cafe there until I looked up ‘Pig & Pastry’ (the cafe that kept popping up on my news feed) then it all clicked. On a free weekend, we were pretty keen to check out what the … Continue reading...

travel; japan: day 11


I’ve been a little reluctant to start on this blogpost, as it is about our last full day in Japan and simply one of the best days… particularly for our taste buds :P We’ve left one of the best to-do’s on our itinerary to the very last day, a little risky … Continue reading...

project life; weeks 11 & 12


Its been a while since my last Project Life progress post! I am almost done with my travel posts so I can get back to posting about the daily life soon!

My PL is coming along slowly but nicely, finally got over the tricky few weeks of my travels and … Continue reading...

travel; japan: day 10


Our second last day in Japan, is our play day. Of all days, it rains on the day we plan to visit Disney Sea. That did not stop us from going any how, remembering the time it rained when we visited Universal Studios in Singapore… it wasn’t so bad. Okay … Continue reading...

travel; japan: day 09


*The following blogpost consists of 50% car photos and 50% food photos. For food photos, scroll to the top and bottom of the post. 

Not documented below, but we started our day at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara (practically behind our hotel!) with the intention of starting to tick off things … Continue reading...