modern calligraphy

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If you follow me on instagram, you would’ve seen me spam several photos of my recent obsession…. modern calligraphy; writing with calligraphy nibs and ink. I’ve been obsessed with this form of writing for the longest time (possibly influenced from being in the wedding industry!).

It took me a … Continue reading...

baby archie


I woke up at 8AM last Monday morning (08/09/14) and grabbed my phone (as you do). 50+ unread messages on our Girls group on whatsapp… something must’ve happened overnight for such a number at this hour. Our dear friend Artha, POPPED OUT A BABY!

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weekend breakfast; kitchen by mike


I’ve been to Kitchen by Mike countless time, more often for lunch and this is probably the first time I lugged a camera along to take some proper shots. It was somewhat a special occasion after all. One of our friends were visiting from Townsville, and being Sunday (church commitments … Continue reading...

weekend brunch; the pig & pastry


I always drive past this corner and strangely enough never realised there was a cafe there until I looked up ‘Pig & Pastry’ (the cafe that kept popping up on my news feed) then it all clicked. On a free weekend, we were pretty keen to check out what the … Continue reading...

travel; japan: day 11


I’ve been a little reluctant to start on this blogpost, as it is about our last full day in Japan and simply one of the best days… particularly for our taste buds :P We’ve left one of the best to-do’s on our itinerary to the very last day, a little risky … Continue reading...